About Blake

and, seriously, why cats as your main focus? (I also do puppy and dog portraits)

Why Cats?

This is an easy question to answer. I like cats, they are quirky, fun and fascinating little creatures. I am the proud caretaker of two wonderful cats, Audrey and the Alien. For some reason I seem to get them and am able to capture some wonderful images. They like me and who doesn’t want to work with someone that likes them!

By specializing in only cats and kittens I am able to master the unique skills required to capture unique images of creatures that do not do what you want them to.

About Me.

First, it is still early days, but eventually I will be known as “The Harley Davidson Riding Cat Photographer”. This is just funny!

Now too introduce myself. My name is Blake Foss and I have been taking photographs since I was 18 years old when my father gave me my first camera. It was a Nikon FM2 and in my opinion the best camera ever made as it showed me a whole new, creative and wonderful world.

I can’t imagine my life not having photography in it.

Since the late 1990’s I have been working in IT and my spare time was spent creating images. I enjoy working in IT, yet it has become time to move into what I call the 3rd Act of my career and I wanted to get back to photography. Only problem I had is what should I be? My main desire is to be a fine art photographer although the reality of making a living as one isn’t quite like you see on TV shows. For the last year or so I kept looking and experimenting hoping to find my niche.

It never occurred to me that it was right in front of me. Early last year I started volunteering with Purrchance Rescue and Jim, also know and The Ocean Beach Bagpiper, in his laconic style just said, “take cat photos”.

This is what I shall do.

Oh, I am also trying to create a unique image being the Harley Davidson Riding Cat Photographer. My studio kit is fully portable and packs away nicely on my bike. My Harley isn’t too loud, but you might hear me arriving before you see me. Honestly this images amuses me, I love riding motorcycles, love photography and I love critters of all kinds. Not a bad way to combine these.

My Background in Photography.

I have been taking photos since 1983, studied photography, worked as an assistant for 5 years then worked as a commercial photographer for 10 years. As a commercial photographer I specialized in location and low light. My clients ranged from heavy industry, advertising, editorial and my favorite, band photography.

To see my non-critter work, visit my web site at https://bfp.photography


Since May 2017 I have been volunteering with Purrchance Rescue and through them have found a new career with critter photography. 20% of all proceeds will go to them so they can rescue and find forever homes for more cats and kittens. For more information and if you are looking for ways to help click on the Purrchance Rescue link in the top menu, or click here.

Contact Information.

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