Session FAQ's

Everything you need to know about a critter portrait session

Pricing Guide

As each session is unique I try not to shoe box people into a fixed pricing guide.  For more information about the cost of a session, please contact me. My rates are reasonable and I offer the following in a session package custom tailored to you.

  1. Professional prints ranging from postcard all the way up to 13″ x 19″
  2. Presentation folios
  3. Framed prints
  4. Social media JPGs
  5. Online preview gallery
  6. iPhone or Android gallery viewer app
  7. A rain check day in case critter doesn’t want their photo taken
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How I Photograph Critters

I work on the theory that critters are best photographed looking as natural as possible. In other words, you won’t see me place a silly hat on a cat as this only makes them look miserable. I do think this is funny and do have many photos of cats in hats, just on my iPhone.

  • I Only Photograph During Daylight Hours (see gear I use, for more information)
  • I will always arrive on time
  • I will spend the first half of the allocated shoot time setting up and getting to know your critter
  • I will bring your critters favorite treats, an obvious bribe
  • I will bring a selection of new unopened toys for entice your critter into playing with me and liking me
  • I will always use available light when possible
    I will work to the best of and beyond my abilities to provide you with a stunning end product that captures your critter
  • I will ensure that a shoot is as enjoyable for you and your critter as it is to me. I love doing this and I hope you get to be part of that.

The Gear I use to Photograph the Critters

I have a 100% portable location studio kit that I can pack up on my Harley Davidson and ride to your place.

Yes, I am trying to work the image of the Harley Davidson Riding Cat Photographer.

Even though I have flash equipment I try to avoid using it as cats, in particular do not like the popping of the flash. It is too bright for their sensitive eyes and the sudden pop of light can startle them. This is not great when dealing with a shy animal.

My goal is to use only available light, so please open all those curtains.


Kittens and cats in particular are territorial by nature, once they have settled into a place that is where they feel most comfortable. Due to this I will always come to your place. If your critter is an outdoor critter, we can get nice shots in your backyard. If your cat is indoors only, that will be where we get the best shots.

Your Preparation

I try to keep things as simple as possible and you should as well. It is not my goal to disrupt you or the critters life. Every critter has its favorite spots, basic tidy up of those areas as well as any other area you would like to have represented in the images we capture.

I also need a bit of space to move around as well as laying down on the floor to be at eye level with the critter.

See, simple.

I Carry Insurance to a Shoot

This is just common sense. I am fully insured in case the worst happens and I walk backwards into your favorite and expensive lamp. Before the shoot starts I will provide you with evidence of insurance.

What is a Rain Check Shoot

Sometimes, no matter the effort, it just isn’t possible for capture a great photograph of your critter. In Tier 2 and 3 the option is there in case this happens. For Tier 1, this is available for a small additional fee.

At the end of the allocated session time I will review the images I have taken and if I feel that we have not been able to capture your critter to its best then I will start a conversation as to why and to schedule the rain check shoot.

I do this because I only have one goal, to take a great photograph of your much loved critter.


Upon scheduling a critter portrait session a non-refundable 20% deposit is required. I will generate an invoice and upon payment the session will be locked down.

The balance is to be paid upon delivery of the final prints, online viewing gallery and gallery app for iPhone of Android.

If, for any reason you are not happy with the end result or my services, please talk to me about this as I know we can find a solution. It is important to me that you are happy with the final results. Together we will find a resolution that you will be happy with.

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